Business Partners

K2 Base Camp

K2 Base Camp are the local choice for Adventure Fitness Members in .

They supply high quality hiking, camping, climbing and mountaineering gear.

If you need advice on which equipment is best for your adventure, then the staff at K2 will be able to guide you in the right gear choices. All the staff are adventurers and this transfers to real advice on what you may need.

Every year K2 puts on a gear night for our members going on trips. This is time just for us to ask the many questions about specs and spend time trying everything on.

K2 give a discount to AFA members and support our fundraising and social events every year.


Globe Walker are the suppliers of high quality base layers, sleeping bags and down gear. I have worn their 750 Puffa Jacket, glove liners, athletic tops and thermal gear in extreme conditions and they always stand up. These guys are next level with comfort and quality. 

On Track Expeditions

On Track Expeditions specialise in organising custom group adventures. They are experts in taking groups on the Kokoda Trail, Kilimanjaro, New Zealand and now Nepal.

Adventure Fitness has joined with On Track to organise our trips and ensure all the details are done for you.


Luke Sparrow

Advanced Remedial Massage Therapists | Movement Coach

Adventure Fitness Athletes train hard and the last thing you want in the mountains is an injury or niggle that interferes with the outcome of you journey!

Luke has been working with climbers, hikers and mountaineers for over 3 years, helping to prevent injury and get clients back to functional strength for their upcoming adventures challenges.

Luke can help you with:

  • Rehabbing injuries
  • Managing pain
  • Decreasing post workout recovery time
  • Improving your movement patterns

Luke offers these services:

  • Remedial massage therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Functional movement assessment
  • Movement coaching

Luke offers 1 hour for $70 to AFA athletes and you can claim it on your health fund!